Celebrating the love of our city


Being responsible for promoting Oslo as a tourist destination, VisitOSLO came to us for help. They wanted to get more people to Oslo and needed help developing a more active, more visible profile. Together we developed a visual identity and digital strategy where Oslo life was placed dead centre of all communication, radiating outwards to the world.


VisitOSLO wished to open-up its city; they wanted for everyone who talked, tweeted and shared something about Oslo to do so in a clearer, more celebratory and human way. From the very beginning of the process that led to the creation of VisitOSLO's  new visual identity, we set after and embraced the opinion of Oslo´s community. Who better to ask than those who love our city?

Together, we developed an all-encompassing digital strategy, rooted in active involvement and sharing, centred in the celebration of Oslo life. By presenting the city through the lens of the Oslo community, we shifted the perception about how we talk about our city as a tourist destination. Through initiative and campaigns such as #diggeroslo, we shared our love.

In illustrations and icons we placed Oslo´s famous architecture, museums and attractions in the centre of a magnifying glass. A move made to communicate places that deserves some extra attention from visitors, whilst providing a clear map of the places of interest in our old city by the fjord.


The #diggeroslo campaign continues to engage the industry, tourists and Oslo’s own citizens. VisitOSLO opened up their tracking tool with an API that allows organisations and businesses to utilise real-time insights into what stories, content and experiences are trending. These insights allow them to make truly informed decision about how they might react to it. Through inclusion and involvement from people in Oslo, the city has become louder and more attractive to people around the world; gaining more attention from curious travellers in search of new destinations to explore.