The Explorer

A pioneer within green and sustainable development


In 2017 the Norwegian Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, set the mission to increase Norwegian exports — to strengthen and develop Norway's position as a trade nation, and to accelerate the green shift. Norway has a very small home market so to reach a larger customer base we must increase the ability to scale and visualise what we can bring to the international table.

We who live in Norway see it as a small country, with only five million people. A small nation in the bigger picture. But from the outside looking in, Norway is seen at the peak of technology and disruption. Norway is good at innovation, but we are not always good at telling the world what we have to offer. This is the task moving forward. The world is looking for new solutions for a green, sustainable future and we want to be chosen by new generations. Therefore, we must create new stories about Norway — where we come from, what we offer and who we are. 


Norwegian sustainable and innovative solutions are already an attractive offering, so creating a digital platform where they are readily available around the world was an opportunity to put Norway on the map. The Explorer is a place where Norwegian companies showcase their forward-thinking, green solutions — to a wider market, on a global scale. 

With a straight-forward and accessible interface users can quickly and easily navigate directly to the solution that meets their sector, goals and needs. Keeping it personal, each solution has a company representative whom users can get in touch with at the click of a button.


Norway now has a digital meeting place for Norwegian companies with clean-tech solutions and foreign investors with specific sustainability needs. This is an important first step to meet our goal of doubling Norwegian exports by 2040 in-line with the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals.