Rock Energy

Branding rocks


Rock Energy is a world leader in clean and stable local energy extraction from the earth. Basically, they’ll drill under your home, football pitch or anything else you fancy and use the earth’s warmth to give you clean power. Sounds great, but public perceptions of what is usually a large-scale industry aren’t that great, and haven’t been doing them any favours. Establishing Rock Energy as a household name (at least amongst architects) who provide a form of energy not usually associated with households, meant stepping out of a B2B mind-set. To shake off their industry's bad rep, we needed to learn how to explain their offer in layman’s terms.


Approaching this challenge from a consumer perspective meant understanding the technology first, before spelling it out to everyone else. This was all about giving the right depth of information and an approachable feel, not scaring people away with technobabble or an overly technical look, for that matter. A friendly, abstract form clearly represents energy, whilst taking a leap away from typical category images of lava and power houses. The surrounding clean and efficient aesthetic, tailored to Rock Energy’s target group’s preferences, declutters what was once a minefield of misunderstanding. The result? The World’s first “off the shelf” deep-drilled, local-geothermal energy company.  


All power to Rock Energy, the real heroes of this story, and the bright minds behind the technology. That said, bright minds often let their knowledge get in their way of explaining the nuts and bolts of their genius. Telling a story in the most efficient, accessible and convincing way, both visually and textually, can mean the difference between well-guarded secret and overnight success.