Rema 1000 Lev Vel

Good for mind, bottoms and soul


REMA 1000 wanted to develop a new brand for products targeted at families with kids. Their goal, to stop forcing parents to have to choose between high quality, low price-point and socially responsible products. Now there’s a sentiment worth cheering for. Whilst no other brand had so far managed to combine these three values into one product range, Rema was convinced that, with a little help, they’d be able to make a serious dent in the market. 


With a name that embodies its sustainable approach, Lev Vel (Live Well) is a universe of stories and characters designed to capture the imagination of kids and parents alike. All good, clean, wholesome fun. Cruising away from traditional category imagery of happy, smiling mum’s and their babies, Lev Vel has a shelf impact that’s difficult not to notice. Let’s face it, trapesing around the supermarket with a cranky baby or slightly oversized toddler under one arm, and a shopping trolley in the other, is not everyone’s idea of a good time. The least we could do was to inject a little fun into the experience, maybe even provoke a smile, while selling great value, socially responsible, quality products.


Lev Vel opened up the idea of responsible purchasing to a wider, non-niche audience. Their products have become the easy choice for quality, price, environment and health, across many categories - from smoothies to nappies. The brand is redefining what customers expect from wellness, care and sanitary products.