A tasty secret ready to be told


Our main challenge was how to establish Hovelsrud Farm as something new in the crowded and competitive activity segment. Their ambition was to create a memorable experience for guests who seek tranquillity, a home away from home. And, of course, to reinforce themselves as being a supplier of consistent, quality organic produce.


Hovelsrud Farm stands-out through its restored garden - an authentic copy of the original garden from 1840. Being one of the main attractions, the garden has naturally been given a central position within their visual identity - the H of Hovelsrud fitting neatly within the original drawing of the garden.
The Hovelsrud identity combines the many motifs and patterns found in Norwegian handcraft traditions. It fuses values of elegant craftsmanship and culture, with the contemporary. By restricting the design to only two colours, the logo, typography and patterns become distinct characteristics – carefully handcrafted, just like their products.
With the identity only being applied to a few conventional applications, it is the sum of its parts that builds its character: apple boxes and sacks, organic chicken packaging and a line of rich flavoured juices and jams.


In a country prided for its focus on sustainability, this farm has ruffled some feathers in the households around the country. We helped Hovelsrud communicate their experiences, traditions and their strategy. Their strategy being to provide the best living conditions for their animals, filling the marketing sweet spot where people feel both healthy and compassionate for choosing their products.

So naturally, that's good news for all of us.