Highly classified branding

The modular grid was inspired by FINN's origins of small newspaper classified ads, developed into information containers.


Finn, Norway’s most loved classified platform was feeling the pressure from international e-commerce giants such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and E-bay (the list goes on), breathing down their neck. Our research revealed that Finn’s culture and brand had moved from an adventurous innovative pioneer, to a passive lethargic market leader (it happens to the best of us). There was, therefore, a growing risk that they were alienating the very ambassadors that support their brand's foundation. Coupled with this, their solid but passionate customer base meant that any tweaks to the Finn brand was going to be a commercially and emotionally nail-biting exercise.


Through collaborative conceptualisation and design methods, we built a more comprehensive and inspired visual, written and interactive universe that would help FINN rediscover their pioneering spirit. This new world would give FINN the stage and props to evolve their relationships and business. We moved FINN away from traditional implementation devices, towards a system design approach, much more effective for a digital brand. FINN develop their product in-house, so we helped them implement the new platform and identity by providing inspiring content that went beyond traditional guidelines, instead delivering an interactive brand centre, brand film and a digital training module. FINN could quickly and effectively align the FINN experience with their strategy, while employees were given autonomy to build the brand further.

A custom, rounder, more friendly typeface, unique to FINN ensures that the look of what they say, matches their content and tone of voice.

“To say to ourselves that we will take the role of the pioneer once again had injected a lot of energy in us all.”

Hanne Lill Johnsen - Marketing Manager


The 400+ employees working at FINN received the new brand strategy, platform and creative with open arms, helping to reinvigorate their latent pioneering spirit, not only from the outside in, but also from the inside out. All KPIs have seen a significant increase. Most importantly, however, is the significance of the new, deeper, more engaged and meaningful relationships FINN is forging with its customers.