The University of Bergen’s Art, Design and Music Faculty

Harmonising order and chaos


Around the world, creativity is recognised as highly valuable to societies and economies alike. So naturally, KMD wanted to make themselves more present and more competitive, on a national and international stage. They wanted to change people’s perceptions of them as a respected but introvert institution. They wanted to become recognised as an active cultural participant who's voice resonated around the world.


The contrast and conflict between the freedom of the arts and the structure of design builds the foundation for the visual expression. Taking the new identity, “ Voltage Field”, made by Uniform, into the digital space meant us thinking about reinterpreting it into interaction principles. Thinking about the conflict between order and chaos, our concept set to harmonise their relationship through interaction. One such articulation of this is the animation and movement of the logo; pulsating and changing format from the retracted and safe, to the clear and powerful. Both a representation of and harmonisation between the tension of the two disciplines. 


With a new content strategy and design, our goal was to attract the very best students and employees, while taking a more active role in the community and wider society. The faculty website was to become their most important recruiting tool and, at the same time, has given a narrative life for their brand story.
We were able to help KMD to stand-up and out-in-the-world with more consistent presence, confidence, and with more to say. We hope that we have helped them feel greater pride in their contribution to academic thought and creative output and that they rightfully stand tall, confident, authoritative and courageous in the world.

Sounds like the place to be!