Where opportunities begin


Our main challenge was to create a vibrant hotel that protects both the building and the rich history of our emigrants, while at the same time offering a modern, tailored travel experience in a new boutique hotel. Over the years, the area around the hotel has evolved into a quite hectic but still attractive area in the city centre. Our goal is to contribute to this by creating a vibrant, warm, cultural melting pot as the very first place you lay eyes on when entering the city by train.


From the early 1800s until the late 1900s, approximately 900.000 Norwegians emigrated to America. As we all know, America was at that time known as the land of opportunity. In the process of diving into the rich history, we found new interesting research done by forskningsrå, telling us that since that time, the table has turned. People are now looking to Norway as the land of opportunities, and people are travelling from all over the world to explore what we have to offer. We saw this as an opportunity to make this new hotel into the very starting point for what Oslo has to offer travellers of our time, in the same way America did one hundred years ago. 

From this, our goal became to capture the best parts of the cultural heritage from our Norwegian American forefathers, at the hotel and in its brand identity. A bit of Norway, and a bit of America. 

Travelling and navigating by compass used to be the way of finding the right direction in the olden days, and still is. This was to become our concept; staying in motion, always looking for new opportunities and new paths to follow. 

To reference travelling in the new identity for the hotel, we use the logo for Amerikalinjen as our compass. Always pointing out the right direction.

The tone of voice plays a significant role, being lively and unconventional in the boutique hotel category. This is visible in every channel where we communicate – from printed surfaces, signage and social media. 

The visual identity is designed to feel timeless and contemporary at the same time. Some of the layouts are inspired by printed cards, letters and telegrams from the boats. With colours inspired by the building and the flags of Norway and America, we created a flexible palette for any use.

As one of our outtakes where we put the compass into practice, we use the gyroscope technology which is found in almost every smartphone and programmed the logo to show you the way to our hotel, wherever you are in the world. 

By visiting the promotional website on your phone, you can see which direction you are going to travel, and the logo will always lead you to us. The logo works as a compass, to visually reinforce our archetype as an explorer. 

Try it yourself:

It’s great fun.


This technology gives us endless possibilities to play with; we can program it to show you the way to hidden gems in the city, events, or other exciting parts of Oslo. Capturing the feeling of exploration and staying in constant movement. 

There are 122 meticulously designed rooms, a delightful brasserie, a casual club and bar, a gym and a homely café. If that’s not enough, an all-season, lush green garden will give you essential time for contemplation. Work by and the team at Amerikalinjen.

All photos captured by Francisco Nogueira 

In collaboration with Norwegian fashion brand Holzweiler comes the bespoke uniforms for Amerikalinjen. The collection is called In Motion, and is designed with comfort, functionality and style in mind. 

Inpspired by the uniforms the NAL crew wore, mixed with the aesthetic of 1950s New York working class clothing.


After the launch, Amerikalinjen got great deal of promotion and appreciations through medias like The Monocle, Condé Nast Traveler and Wallpaper, to name a few. The hotel also reached their goal of making it to the top at Trip Advisor, as the best hotel experience in Oslo right now. And this happened after just 4 months after the opening. The hotel has been fully booked in long periods of time and has become a popular meeting spot for both local citizens and tourists from all over the world. 

Visit @amerikalinjen on Instagram and their website to follow the journey ahead!