130 years of history on a silver platter


TINE came to us because they wanted to show a side of their personality that they felt was lost. TINE strived to create and reinvigorate relationships through their values and products. Their ambition was to create a framework that continuously sort to grasp customers attention through the design of their products and their supporting brand narrative. They wanted to do this by sharing intimate and personal stories about their long history and culture.

So, we created an experience and new relationships with TINE that would engage consumers while they thought about and did their daily grocery shopping.


As the dominant company in dairy farming and production for many decades, the perception of TINE had shifted from one of tradition, quality and care to one of a faceless industrial giant. The opportunity came as one on a silver platter; to have a presence at Oslo's brand new food-hall, Mathallen. This gave us the perfect stage to show their warm and personal stories, maybe even giving TINE an opportunity to turn back time.

With their new shop “Melkerampa”, we created a concept for people to experience TINE's products in a way that would never be possible in a supermarket. We designed an experience that allowed people to feel TINE's products; to smell, taste and savor them, while discovering each one of their unique stories.


According to the TINE management group, the project met all goals, requirements and expectations they had. Melkerampa launched its own line of Hardanger apple juice, which sold out in its first week. Premium cheeses flew off the shelf, including a 5-year old Jarlsberg that was expected to sell over 2 months, but was sold out within the store's first 2 weeks. The store was the launch pad for TINE's repositioning and remains the embodiment of who TINE always been and who they want to be. We think it's worth a visit!